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Rocky Mountain Home Watch

While you’re away, Rocky Mountain Home Watch is there to stay for maintenance and security needs at any vacant home or residence. As a newly established home watch business in the eastern Idaho region, Debbie and Mike Glass have combined their years of experience in healthcare administration and customer service into the realm of certified home watch business owners.

Their need for a professional, clean website provided our team the opportunity to design their content-heavy pages with layered text/image components and visual narratives for their numerous services. To mitigate the monotony of purely text-driven scrolling, our content and design teams collaboratively implemented bulleted and column grids, scrolling image galleries, and animated accordion dropdown menus for an intuitively functional experience.

Lead designer and project manager, Kyle Richards, provided constant communication and training sessions for Debbie and Mike to manage any future changes to the site. Our user-friendly content management system (CMS), Umbraco, allows any user the convenience and effortlessness of changing any component, animation, text, or image at the click of a button.

Now equipped with one of the most powerful CMS’s on the web, Debbie and Mike can begin to market their new business services with the look and feel of any modern website. See what our teams have built at

Illustration of 100 North Tampa building in Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida

1600 E 8th Ave
Suite A200
Tampa, FL 33605


Illustration of the historic Idaho Falls water tower in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho

545 W 19th St
Idaho Falls, ID 83402