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Love the Wild

From philanthropy to conservation awareness, Love the Wild supports learning opportunities for children, students, and communities to enact positive impacts on the great outdoors. Founded by Sylvia Medina, President and CEO of Green Kids Club, Inc., this non-profit organization seeks to elevate the relationship between animals, educate about their habitats, and unite the people who care for them.

The already existing Love the Wild site designed by us at Smartly Done was in need of an update to our latest and greatest Umbraco content management system (CMS). Sylvia required the convenience and accessibility to upload content easily, anywhere, anytime. This provided an optimal opportunity to include additional content on the new site, including the many humanitarian and wildlife projects they conducted throughout the world. Our Content Lead and Project Manager, Casey Soelberg, utilized anchored navigation and scrolling landing pages to feature the various capacities of the organization. 

Each main page features a sprawling takeover banner with high resolution wildlife imagery and vibrant color schemes. These captivating visuals draw the attention of anyone visiting the site, compelling further exploration to see what content awaits at every click. Additionally, Sylvia’s Green Kids Club Ecwid ecommerce shop was easily linked to the Love the Wild site for extra exposure and shopping potential for the many books, accessories, and kid-friendly items.

If you love the wild, you’ll surely want to check out the new Love the Wild site at

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Tampa, Florida

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