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Frequently Asked Questions

When we created Smartly Done we did it with a specific niche of customer in mind. Customers who want professional help getting their site built, but who want to be involved in the process to help manage the cost.

If you've tried building your own website using some of the popular online website builders but you just weren't satisfied with the results - Smartly Done is perfect for you. Unlike those website builders, you won't be on your own.

If you are considering using Smartly Done to build your site, you should start by exploring our Starter Kit. It will demonstrate to you the flexibility and capability of our system. You can also review examples of finished projects other customers have launched using our service.

Think we may be a good fit? Call us, we'd be happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with a free custom proposal.

Yes, you will own your website. Any and all content that you load on your website will also remain your property.

Yes. All of our sites are built on top of Umbraco, a full-featured, open-source ASP.NET MVC Content Management System (CMS). Using Umbraco you will be able to easily add, edit and delete pages, manage the content on each page, control the links in your navigation, upload images and other assets, such as PDF files, etc. We will provide you with training to help you get comfortable using the CMS and ongoing support included with your hosting fee.

Our free support includes live phone and email support. We don’t outsource our support; all of your calls and emails come directly to a member of our team. This support includes help with the content management system or any technical problems with your website. It does not include training on HTML, CSS, Javascript, SEO, etc., although we will gladly point you to online resources to help you learn if you desire.

The base monthly hosting fee is $22/mo. This includes the hosting of your website, a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate, and an SQL Server database used by the CMS.

Your website hosting fee does not include any email addresses, but we can help you. We are authorized resellers for Google Workspace (formally G-Suite) and Microsoft 365. Both are great business-class email solutions. Get more details here.

Of course!


1. in a manner showing quick-witted intelligence or skill.
"a smartly conceived menu"

2. in an attractively neat and stylish manner.
"he was dressed smartly in his suit"

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