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Can you host my email?

Hosting email these days is not for the faint of heart. Email is an oddball in the technology space - it seems to keep getting more expensive, rather than cheaper.

Truthfully, the underlying technology that powers email is pretty old and terrible. The biggest issue is SPAM. The vast majority of messages that pass through email servers are SPAM messages. Trying to filter out these unwanted messages, while also making sure your important, legitimate messages aren't getting swept up is a constant battle.

We really only feel comfortable recommending two email hosts to our clients:

Our office uses Google Workspace, but we've helped countless clients get set up with Microsoft 365 - both are best in class solutions.

We are authorized resellers for both and can make the process as quick and painless for you as possible. We charge a $50 account setup fee, which includes setting up all of your new mailboxes.

If you need data migrated from an old email host, we offer migration services as well. Migration services are charged on an hourly basis.

If you are interested in these services please give us a call to discuss.

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