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If you’ve ever made a change and then had second thoughts, then this tutorial is for you. Umbraco utilizes a rollback feature that reverts edited pages to original versions. 

We have already created a test page to show you how this feature works.

Step 1: Under “Content” on the new page, we will write a basic summary in the “Main Content” text box.

Step 2: Press “Save and publish.”

Step 3: Now, return to the “Content” tab of the test page and rewrite the summary. Then press “Save and publish.” 

Step 4: Now it’s time to implement the “Rollback” feature. Hover over the page on the left-hand panel and click the three dots. A panel will appear with page creation options, however, you’ll want to click the “Do something else” button on the bottom. 

Step 5: The panel will change options after clicking the “Do something else button.” The panel is broken up into eight sections. In the third section, there is a “Rollback” option with a reverse arrow. Click it. 

Step 6: Clicking “Rollback” will take you to a new page where you can select the version you want to change it to and the view. Select the version you want to revert back to. 

Step 7: Before it reverts, it will show the page settings of the original so you can ensure this is the right version. If you are ready to change it, press the “Rollback” button on the bottom. 

Step 8: Now, go back to the “Content” tab on the page and see the original version. Then press “Save and publish.”

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