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This tutorial will teach you step by step how to create and add a subpage listing to your website.

Step 1: Choose the page you want to add a subpage listing to. For this tutorial we will add it to the homepage. Start by clicking the drop-down arrow on the page.


Step 2: Hover over “components” to reveal the three white dots, then click them.


Step 3: In the components menu, scroll to the bottom to find “Subpage Listing,” then select it.


Step 4: In the “contents” tab, enter a display caption and select “choose internal page” to link an existing page. It will then say “choose or enter external link.” Click “choose.”


Step 5: Click the drop down arrow on the page you are adding the subpage to (for this tutorial we chose the home page). Then, select the page you would like to make a subpage for. For this tutorial we will be linking the services page. Click “Save and publish” in the bottom right corner.


Step 6: To add pictures or captions to the subpage listings, start by clicking the drop down arrow on the page you just linked as a subpage. Click the name of the subpage.


Step 7: In the “Listing” tab, add a caption or upload an image by clicking the blue +.


Step 8: Select your image then click “Submit.”

Step 9: Click “Save and publish.”


Step 10: Change the layout of the subpages and photos by going back to your original “subpages” component.


Step 11: In the “Settings” tab, select your desired styles, then “Save and publish.” Click “Preview” to view your finished product.


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