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If your website has a blog, you should be posting to it regularly. Blogs help increase traffic and boost your site’s SEO. This tutorial will show you how to create a blog post on your Smartly Done Website.

Step 1: Find the "Blog" page under the Home dropdown in the Content menu. Open the blog dropdown and click the three dots on the “Posts” option. A side tab will appear with a “Blog Post” option. Click that.

Step 2: Enter a name for your blog post. 

Step 3: Scroll down to the settings section or click the “Content” tab in the top right corner and click “Settings” in the dropdown menu. Select the date that you want your post to be published. You can also play with the layout of your blog posts here. These layouts determine how the text is oriented on the page. 

Step 4 (Optional): Select a category for your blog post by pressing the “Add” button by the categories option. You can choose multiple categories or skip this step altogether. You can add or remove categories whenever you want by clicking remove on the category. 

Step 5: Go to the “Listings” tab to select the main image you want for your blog post. This will act as your featured image on your blog page. 

You can also write a summary to display on the listing. If you leave this blank it will be auto-generated from the content of your blog.

Step 6: “Save and Publish” your page before adding your main blog content. Move on to Step 7 to add your content. 


Step 7: Once you save your blog post, it will be generated under the Posts folder in the month that you set it to be published to. Find your new post, click the dropdown arrow next to it, and click the three-dot menu next to the components folder. 


Add different types of components to make your blog post more interesting. For basic text editing, we suggest using the “Text” component.

Next, name the component (this is for you to see only, so you can name it "Text," the name of your article, or anything else). Click on the “Content” tab, then add your blog post!

Step 8: Save and publish your changes to see them live on your site.


Follow our other Umbraco 8 Guides to learn more about adding different types of components.

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