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If you want your blog to have a prominent setting on your homepage or somewhere else on your site, consider adding a blog feed to different pages. This tutorial will show you how to add a blog feed to different pages. For this example, we will be adding the blog feed to the home page. 

Step 1: Under “Home,” click the three dots that appear when you hover over “Components,” and select “Subpage Listing” from the panel that appears.

Step 2: Name the page and move to the “Content” tab. Here you can link to the blog by choosing an internal link and selecting your blog. Be sure to add a caption!

Step 3: When you’ve added your blog, press “Add” to add it to the page. Then press “Save and publish.”

Best Practice Tip: If you want to design how your blog feed will look on your page, go to the "Settings" tab of the subpage listing. Here you can decide the layout, items per row, text alignment, and image style of how the individual blog posts will appear online. Then press “Save and publish” to see it live. 

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